“I believe the future is only the past, entered through another gate.”
Arthur Wing Pinero, 1893

Susy is a rather new-fangled monstrous time machine located beneath the shopping centers outside Geneva Switzerland. What caught my attention was a reference to a book titled ‘Science is Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ by Lisa Randall, a Harvard physicist who has come to know Susy.
I have always tried to find a way to comprehend and preach about heaven but I came to believe the philosopher Aeschylus, a playwright around 456 BC, may have had it right when he declared that “The future you shall know when it has come; before then, forget it.”

But I can’t seem to forget the essence and meaning of heaven. I ducked preaching about it throughout my tenure. A decent preacher should at least have given it a shot. So, now in my retirement I am a little braver about such matters. What can they do to me?

I can’t quite grasp how I might live near my mother in the afterlife who died early when my step mother will be on the scene. And what about those who have had numerous divorces? Will they be in the same neighborhood with their families? That’s got to be rather thorny. Who will help us on those matters? Maybe there will be angelic therapists who provide sessions

When I spoke about heaven at a men’s retreat a gentleman in his early eighties approached me and said he was newly married. He told his wife we would be talking about heaven. He happily announced “And we will be together in heaven!”

“Oh no,” she replied “I will be with my first husband there.”

The dejected gentleman said “OK, Reverend, what do I do when I get there?”

“Well, maybe they will invite you to dinner.”

He had a great sense of humor and said to me the next morning “I guess I’ll accept the invitation if it pops up.” It can be complicated over there.

There may be other convoluted concerns when it comes to landing in heaven. In this life our kids and grandkids can grow up and move out of state or country and we may have little contact with them. What if heaven has the same afterlife mode of living?

Who, indeed, will be knocking on heaven’s door, or better yet who is on the other side of that gate and where are they headed? Will the Higgs and Susy particles blow right through heaven and on to another stratosphere out there?

I’ve been thinking about particles being generated and emitted by our mid-brain Insula urges, deep emotions that may converge beyond this life with the dense cosmic elements that have allowed for our existence. But here’s the hitch and it’s a major one, our Insula particles may be destined to unite with the atoms of those unfamiliar to us. We might be connecting with unacquainted particles in a vast universe.

What if we are built to bond with as many strangers on this earth as possible and we have not bothered to do so in our lifetimes? What if our lovely bonding particles are launched into the stratosphere after this life and we won’t know beans about how to connect with those passing us by? That’s got to be embarrassing.

A book by Alexander McCall Smith titled “Trains and Lovers” features four strangers bonding deeply over a four-hour stretch. The last words by one of the passengers when they left each other mused “Loving others is the good thing we do in our lives.”

Lisa Randall, who researches atoms with a fine tooth comb, admits that “Scientists can observe material mechanistic phenomena in the brain associated with thoughts and feelings, even if they can’t put it together to see how it works.” OK, too much intellectual info, but what she seems to be stating is, our deepest emotions have not been examined enough to see how our brain particles work.

Ah, but we have faith on our side. So why not assume heaven’s doors swing in and out?


One thought on “HERE COMES SUSY

  1. Joel Huffman

    Amazing Grace! Keep that thought! Because God is going to have it so that some of us get into heaven. So, pay your apportionments and then maybe ???????


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