“The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is.”
G.B Shaw, Man and Superman, 1905

OSLO – “Skam,” a racy emotionally intense true-to-life Norwegian web and television series, follows a group of Oslo teenagers as they navigate sex, school, drinking, depression, rape, religion, coming out and the pains of status anxiety, in real life and online.” NY Times, Rachel Donadio, 12/13/2016
The creative writer and director travels around her country interviewing countless teenagers. After she writes the script she gets feedback from the actors and viewers.

Whenever I come across a reference to a Norwegian news piece I always tell my Viking spouse about it. If it is a great article I like to find it first. It’s just me I guess.

The series will be picked up by American and Canadian entertainment entrepreneurs and call it “Shame.” Hey, why can’t adults be whipped up to participate in such a gut level form of frankness? Do citizens have enough buried sentiments to warrant an adult TV series?

Here’s for starters: work stress, sex, porn, drinking, rape, depression, domestic violence, family battles, finances, gay life, illnesses, aging, dementia, politics, religion, and death and dying, And let’s not leave out road rage, by guys mostly, which may be the source of a lot of those anxieties that remain suppressed.

How did the sociologists miss detecting the depth of anger and rage within our culture that has to have begun a few decades ago? How much are we aware of needing to have our ethnic race in the majority? We can add those questions to the above behaviors.

How much of our emotional chaos has to do with the way we function? We don’t bond with our neighbors nor do we relate deeply with co-workers or extended families for that matter. I thought when I was a kid my treasured cousins would be in my life forever.

Given our citizens are at odds with each other maybe it would be helpful for both sides to reveal their ‘pains of status anxiety’to a clever writer. We are also at odds with lots of Russian peoples so why not have them disclose their deepest sentiments for a TV series in such groups?

What if family, faith communities and other social clusters have not generated enough empathy to sustain us on this planet? OK, here’s the audacious perspective I have come to imagine. We will have to risk one-on-one bonding with strangers across our country and the globe. My hunch is aliens may already know how to produce personalized intimacy in the galaxy. We’re just behind times. So, let’s risk joining the “Shame” project when it comes around.


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