We have taken for granted in the past that single life is inferior to marriage, and thought to be a temporary condition. Wedlock and parenting became the central tenet of Christianity and the ultimate goal of achieving unconditional love. Although in the early years of the church virgins trumped marital bliss, but marriage has been the norm for centuries. The gay issue seems to be disrupting the Christian code of conduct but perhaps the greater fear is not that homosexuals are considered humanoid aberrations but they may tend to diminish the source of marital love that belongs to ‘appropriate’ heterosexual couples. Single people have often thought to be a threat to pirating deep empathy that should belong to our blessed nuptial twosomes.

What if running deep with strangers generates a form of intimacy that also cuts into the reservoir of profound compassion meant for married loved ones and families?

An assumption made by most mortals is that unconditional loving is a linear phenomenon that deepens over time but what if it emerges intermittently and each isolated spike is comprised of profound unreserved empathy inside and outside wedded bliss? So maybe there is no need to hold off and be afraid of those intimacy freeloaders who might pose as a threat when we have access to the deepest compassion in spurts within marriages and outside sporadic bonds.


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